3.11.18 "The Women Who Kept the Lights" Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.4.18 "Everything is Fiction" Rev. Virginia Wolf, UUC Minister Emerita

2.18.18 "Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love" Rev. Julianne Lepp

2.11.18 "Gather The Spirit" Pledge Service (Reflection on Stewardship Rev. Lepp)

2.4.18 "Darwin Day" Wil Taylor, UUC Member

1.28.18 "Social Justice Sunday" Roseberline Porcenat, Guest Speaker from Population Connection

1.21.18 "Showing Up" Rev. Lepp

1.17.18 FORUM: "Sacred Sexuality" Amanda Lonsdorf, UUC Member

1.14.18 "What Can We Learn From Socrates?" Rev. Lepp

1.7.18 "Images of Christ in European and American Paintings" Alan Jackson, UUC Member


12.31.17 "Season of Light- Fire Communion"

12.17.17 "Hope for the Harried" Rev. Lepp

12.10.17 "Prophets at the Dollar General" Rev. Lepp

12.03.17 "Threads of Connection: Stories from UU History" Tim Hirsch, UUC Member

11.19.17: "Defying Gravity” Rev. Julie Lepp

11.12.17: “The Skeptical Mystic” Rev. Julie Lepp

11.05.17: "This I Believe” UUC Members:  Violet Kilmurray, Ruth Waller, and Rob Harrington

10.22.17: "Draw the Circle Wide" Rev. Julie Lepp

10.18.17: “Practicing Nonviolence, Practicing Peace” Speakers: Dr. Selika Ducksworth Lawton and  Jim Handley

10.15.17: “This Being Human is a Guest House” Rev. Julie Lepp

10.8.17: “What Holds Us” Rev.Julie Lepp  

10.1.17: "A Candle For Thoreau" Max Garland

9.24.17: "We Begin Again in Love: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur" Rev. Julie Lepp

9.20.17: FORUM: "Sustainable Activism: Managing Hope and Despair" Dr. Kristen Gustavson, Cynthia Hunt (LCSW), and Emily Berge (MS LPC)

9.17.17: "Wonder Woman vs. Betty Crocker" Rev. Julie Lepp

9.3.17: "Bread and Roses" Labor Day Service pt1. pt2

8.20.17:  "What Feminism Means to Me, A Roller Derby Chemistry Professor" Patti Cleary

8.13.17 "Outside the Box: Futurism" David Waibel, UUC Member Reading List

8.6.17 "Who Do You Think You Are?!" Jacob Gruetzman, UUC Member

7.30.17 "Living Mindfully, An Introduction to the Practice of Mindfulness" Amy Segerstrom

7.16.17 "I Could Die Here" Ray Hilfiker, UUC Member

7.09.17 "An Exploration of the Early Twentieth-Century Opera, Winona, by Alberto Bimboni" Gretchen Peters

6.25.17 New Ways to Think about  Construction and Energy, Mark Morgan

6.18.17 Summer Solstice,  Amanda Lonsdorf, Jacob Gruetzman, Dani Higley

6.11.17 When Species Go Missing: Artists Respond, Stephanie Turner

5.14.17 "Truth and Meaning: Lessons from Auditing, Teaching, and Postsecret.com" Craig Moore, UUC Member

5.7.17 "How Do You Open Your Eyes?" Rev. Julie Lepp

4.23.17 "Earth Day / Justice Sunday" Multigenerational

4.16.17 "Finding Easter: Resurrection Through Consolation" Rev. Julianne Lepp

4.9.17 "Swim With Caution-No Lifeguards" Rev. Julie Lepp

4.2.17 "A Religion of Life" Rev. Virginia Wolf, Emerita

3.26.17 "Finding Balance When the World Keeps Spining" Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.12.17 "Esther Speaks" Rev. Julie Lepp

3.5.17 "The Least, Last Truth" Guest Minister Rev. Doak Mansfield (Intro. and reading)

2.26.17 “Respect”   Rev. Julianne Lepp

2.19.17 “Still I Rise- Maya Angelou”  Rev. Julianne Lepp

2.5.17 “The Tribes of Darwin”  Wil Taylor, UUC Member

1.29.17 “Stories of Recovery” Jim PhillipsThe Rev. Julianne Lepp

1.22.17 “Here if You Need Me” The Rev. Julianne Lepp

1.15.17 “Powerful Vulnerability” The Rev. Julianne Lepp


12.11.16 "The Miracle of Confucius" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

12.4.16 "Express Yourself" Tim Hirsch, Barb Habben, Kurt Erickson

11.20.16 "Rainbow Connection - A UU Muppet Service" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

11.13.16 "The Gifts of Imperfection" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

11.6.16 "This I Believe" Alta Bragg, Jacob Gruetzmann, and Jennifer Lee

10.23.16 "Emotional Intelligence: The Revlountion from 'I to Thou" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

10.19.16 "Fostering Emotional Intelligence in Children" Cynthia Hunt, LCSW and UUC Member

10.16.16 "16 Eyes to See: Yom Kippur" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

10.2.16 "TOSTAN: A human rights based approach to community empowerment" Don Mowry, UUC Member

9.25.16 "The Mystic Voice of Hildegard Bingen" The Rev. Julia Lepp

9.11.16 Ponderings by Laurel Kieffer

8.21.16 "A Climate Change Converstation" Patti Cleary and Jim Phillips

8.14.16 "Nothing: Wuwei, Doing by Not Doing" Rev. Julie Lepp and Karl Lepp

8.7.16 "A Confluence Conversation on the Arts" Ben Richgruber

7.31.16 "Embracing Our Aging" Joyce Murphy, Bob Peck, and Anne Louise Suchy

7.24.16 "Cultural Analysis of Rock and Roll" David Jones

7.17.16 'Solar Energy Options" Steve Terwillinger

6.26.16 "Sources of Wisdom" Jan Carroll, Kathy Ryder and Bobbie Kilmurray

6.19.16 "Summer Solstice "Amanda Lonsdorf

6.12.16 "Exploring Gender Identity" Ann Marie Hoeppner

5.22.16 “Life in the Balance” Rev. Julianne Lepp

5.15.16 “For the Earth Forever Turning” Rev. Julianne Lepp

5.8.16 "Soul-Self-Spirit" Rev. VIrginia Wolf

5.1.16 "Walking with Emerson" Rev. Julianne Lepp

4.24.16 "Justice Sunday" Joyce Anderson (JONAH Immigration Task Force) & Ken Adler (EC Housing Coalition)

4.17.16 "Faith and Freedom" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

4.10.17 "I Wish I Knew How" The Rev. Julianne Lepp (partial)

4.3.16 "All Fool's Day" Jacob Gruetzman, UUC Member

3.27.16 'Finding Easter" Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.13.16 " Phenomenal Woman" Catherine Emmanuelle, Cheryl Thiede, & Rev. Julianne Lepp

228.16 "Religion and Violence" Pat Bonner, UUC Member

2.23.16 "Science & Spirituality" Panel Discussion: Derek Gingerich (Biology), Matt Jewell (Material Science), Doug Matthews (Behavioral Neuroscience), and Jim Rybicki (Physics and Astronomy). Spirit in Action radio show by Mark Helpsmeet on Northern Spirit Radio

2.17.16 Wednesday Night Service: "The Work Of Compassion" Jennifer Harder (read by Sarah Harder), Aimee Johnson, and Amanda Lonsdorf, UUC Members

2.14.16 "Weaving a Tapestry of Love" members on the UUC Pledge. Tim Hirsch, Bob Jankowski, Pat Bonner, Rose Kilmurray, Wilma Clark, Fred Hable

2.7.16 "Darwin Day" Wil Taylor, UUC Member

1.31.16 "The Fourth Way" Rick Magyar, UUC Member

1.24.2016 “Gifted with an Acorn, a Peach, and a Kiss” Rev. Laurie Bushbaum, Guest Speaker     

1.17.16 "Growning Up Unitarian Universalist" Raissa Schnitzius, Kurt Erickson, and John Ramlow

1.10.16 “No Empty Promise: The Possibilities of an Empty Day” Rev. Karen Hering, Guest Speaker  

1.3.16 "R & R and You: Finding Your Sabbatical" Dr. Timothy Young, UUC Member


12.21.15 Solstice Service: "Spirit of the Season" Reflections by UUC Members- Earth: Aimee Johnson, Air: Rev. Lepp, Water: Danielle Swartz, Fire: Jacob Gruetman, Spirit: Amanda Lonsdorf.

12.13.15 "Let There Be Peace on Earth" Rev. Julianne Lepp

11.8.15 "The Paradox of Fundamentalism" The Rev. Virginia Wolf (pdf version, no recording)

11.1.15 “This I Believe” Greg Maurer, Kurt Erickson (pdf available), Brian Larson, and Laurel Kieffer

10.25.15 "Fallen Leaves" Reflection by Amanda Lonsdorf

10.21.15 Lama Tsultrim Yeshe at the Wednesday Night Service

10.18.15 "A Journey In Progress" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

10.11.15 "Why Should We Forgive?" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

10.4.15 “Here, At the End of the World” Jacob Gruetzman, UUC Member

9.27.15 “Awakening to the World Invisible” Rev. Julianne Lepp

9.20.15 “May We Be Restored”Rev. Julianne Lepp

9.6.15 Reflection on Balence Between Work & Play by Amanda Luebeck (pdf file)

8.23.15 "The Wisconsin Idea" Bob Nowlan Part I; Part II

8.16.15 “Messes and Miracles: The Importance of Imperfection” Rose Kilmurray

8.9.15 “Socially Responsible Investing” Marva Williams, member of the UUA Committee on Socially Responsible Investing

7.26.15 "Local Journalism in the Internet Age" Bob Brown, UUC Member

7.19.15 "The Psychology of Religion" Amanda Lonsdorf, UUC Member

7.12.15 "The Story of 2 Activists" Rev. Virginia Wolf & Carol Schumacher, UUC Members

6.28.15 "Spiritual Practices" Patti Cleary, Karen Peters, Amanda Lonsdorf, UUC Memebers

6.21.15 “Summer Solstice” Amanda Lonsdorf, Tom Clark, Beryl Ouimette, Jacob Gruetzman, UUC Friend and Members

6.14.15 "Reflections on Fathering" Bob Peck, Tom Clark, Adam Stodola, UUC Members

5.24.15 "Awakening Insight: Zen Buddhism" Jacob Gruetzman, UUC Member & The Rev. Julianne Lepp

5.17.15 "The Road Less Travelled" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

5.3.15 "Growing Our Souls" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

4.12.15 "We Are One" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

4.5.15 "Guppies & Grace" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.29.15 “Activism as a Spiritual Practice” Laurel Kieffer, UUC Member

3.18.15 "Resurrection" Jacob Greutzman, UUC Member

3.15.15 "A Woman Who Would Not Be Silenced: Julia Ward Howe" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.8.15 "The Urgency of the Moment" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.1.15 ʺConscience and the Democratic Process: Community versus the Individual”  David Rice, UUC Member

2.22.15 Lessons from J.R.R. Tolkien       The Rev. Julianne Lepp

Lessons from Downton Abbey         The Rev. Julianne Lepp

Lessons from Terry Pratchett     The Rev. Julianne Lepp

2.15.15 "Dancing in the Streets" The Rev. Jualianne Lepp

2.1.15 “Travels with Charlie: Darwin Day 2015” Wil Taylor, UUC member   

1.25.15 “Loving Our Neighbors, Even When Their Bumper Stickers are Wrong” The Rev. Julianne Lepp

1.11.15 "Stories from the Future" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

1.4.15 "Income Inequality, the Distribution of Wealth, and Unitarian Universalist Principles" Craig Moore, UUC Member and Assistant Professor, Business Department, UW-Stout


12.14.14 "Powerful Honesty" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

12.7.14 "Much Madness" Rev. Virginia Wolf, UUC Minister Emerita (begins with Jacob Gruetzman reading "Homeless Jesus" by Father Brad Kareli)

11.30.14 "Any Other Questions?" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

11.16.14 “Touching from a Distance, Further all the Time–Spiritual Reflections Concerning the Life and Work of Ian Curtis and the Music of Joy Division” Bob Nowlan, Professor, Critical Theory, Cinema Studies, Cultural Studies, UWEC (pdf version)

11.9.14 "The Pause That Refreshes" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

10.26.14 "Reflections on Fall" Amanda Lonsdorf (Falling Leaves Service)

10.19.14 "The Invention of October" Max Garland, UWEC Creative Writing Professor and WI Poet Laureate

10.15.14 "UU Creation & Desctrucion" Jacob Gruetzman, UUC Member

10.12.14 "Who and Whose Are We?" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

10.5.14 "Dinosaurs & Devils" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

9.28.14 " "Be The Change You Want to See in the World" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

9.21.14 "Begin Again in Love" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

9.17.14 "Living in the Mindfulness" Zhang Yingxing, UWEC student

9.14.14 "Unitarian Universalism in the 21st Century" Rev. Julianne Lepp (first couple of minutes missing)

9.7.14 Dove window dedication with Karen Park speaking

8.24.14 "Alaska: Life and Spirituality in the Great Land" Bobbie Kilmurray & Ruth Lovejoy

8.3.14 "The Baha'i Faith: A Slowly Emerging Global Religion that Transcends National Origin, Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Language, and Religion" Tim Nyseth

7.27.14 "The Threshold Singers of Eau Claire: Songs for the Souls at the Edge"

7.20.14 "Immigration Reform" VIctoria Seltun, Immigration Attorney

6.29.14 "Reproductive Justice in the Chippewa Valley" Cheryl Thiede, UUC Member

6.15.14 "Cultural & Racial Diversity in Eau Claire and our Personal Charge to Develop Diversity Skills" Joel Raney

6.1.14 "Festive Forty Celebration Homily" by The Rev. Virginia Wolf

5.25.14 Bobbie Kilmurray reads exerpt from "The Call of Service" by Robert Coles and sermon "Love WIll Guide Us" by The Rev. Julianne Lepp

5.11.14 "The Whole World, Secretly Set On Fire" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

5.4.14 "Search for Turth in Science and in Our Lives" Dr. Jim Rybicki, UWEC Physics Department, UUC Member

4.27.14 Child Dedication Ceremony The Rev. Julianne Lepp

4.20.14 "The Story of Stuff" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

4.13.14 "Happinies Floats" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

4.6.14 "Reflections on Neighboring Faiths" Youth Sunday

3.30.14 "Humanism Speaks: A Spiritual Voice for All Seasons" Dr. David Jones, UUC Member

3.16.14 "Crossing Boundaries" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.9.14 "Living In THe Layers" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.2.14 "A Muslim Family in Eau Claire" Adel Mekraz

2.23.14 "Coexist" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

2.19.14 "Have You Hugged a Humanist Today?" Reflections from David Rice, Jacob Gruetzman and Craig Moore.

2.9.14 "Fall In" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

2.2.14 "Exploring Sources of Creativity" Alex Smith, Wilma Clark, Laura Jensen & Amanda Lonsdorf, UUC Members

1.26.14 "Love Changes Everything" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

1.19.14 "Reflections on Justice" by David Jones, UUC Member and The Rev. Julianne Lepp

1.12.14 "Unfold Your Own Myth" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

1.5.14 "As I Lay Dying" The Rev. Virginia Wolf (pdf format)


12.15.13 "The First Principle Project" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

12.8.13 "Throw Yourself Like a Seed" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

12.1.13 "Simplicity" Rick Magyar, UUC Member

11.24.13 "Reflections on Gratitude" Beth Luck and The Rev. Julianne Lepp

11.10.13 "Give Yourself Utterly" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

11.3.13 "This I Believe" Tom Clark, Allen Curtis & Pam Maher

10.20.13 "That Transcending Myster and Wonder" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

10.6.13 "Helping the Homeless" Pastor Mike Henry

9.29.13 "You're a Uni-What?" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

9.22.13 “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” The Rev. Julianne Lepp

9.18.13 “The Importance of Myth” Jacob Gruetzman

9.15.13 "Repairing Relationships - Repairing the World" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

8.25.13 ""Refractions and Reflections of Our Musical Culture" Karl Lepp, UUC Member.

8.18.2013 "WIESCO: Teaching in Summer Language Camps Abroad" Sue Fulkerson, Don Mowry, Martha Munger, Halyey Harder-Wahl, UUC Members

8.11.13 "Criminal Defendants = Modern Society's Lepers" Lauren Otto Public Defense Attorney and UUC Member

8.4.13 "Baby Principles: Applying the UU Principles to Our Newest Humans" Heather Pickerign, Maternity Nurse, Lactation Consultant and UUC Member

7.28.13 "Sustainable Transportation: What the US Needs to Accomplish in Transportation Changes" Steve Terwilliger

7.21.13 "Nature" Mike Golat, Altoona City Manager and UUC Member

7.14.13 "Poverty in Eau Claire" (personal account shared by Tracy)

5.26.13 "Liberation” The Rev. Julianne Lepp

5.12.13 "Become You: Live An Irresistible Obituary" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

Leader Telegram article by Rev. Lepp: "Live Your Dreams, Conquer Your Fears, Find Happiness"

5.5.13 "Engaging Religious Pluralism" Linda Carlson, Steve Spina, and UWEC Students

4.21.13 Community Presentation: K. M. Rukshan (Ruki) Fernando

4.21.13 "In a Warming World" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

4.14.13 "The Seven UU Principles" Glenda Winders & Don Mowry; Jenifer Lohmann & Ruth Waller; Nate Otto & Kurt Erickson & Allen Curtis

4.7.13 "Follow Your Desire Lines" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.31.13 "What Rises for the "Nones?" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.24.13 "Super Heroes and Philosophy, Oh My!" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.17.13 "Justice Sunday" Social Responsibility part 1 part 2

3.10.13 "Intuition: Trust Yourself" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

3.3.13 "“Creativity and Spirituality” Rebecca Crowell and Karl Lepp

2.24.13 "Exploring Hinduism: Finding Harmony" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

2.17.13 "Attraversiamo: Across the Ages" Multigenerational Service (Lesley Sauls, Fred Hable, Ruth Waller, John Strei)

2.10.13 "Love Can't Wait" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

2.3.13 "Growing Up UU" UUC Youth Group - part 1 / part 2

1.27.13 "Oh My Goddess: Exploring the Feminine Divine" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

1.13.13 “Finding Generosity” The Rev. Julianne Lepp

1.6.13 "Who Knows What Lurks" Rev. Virginia Wolf, Minister Emerita & Tim Hirsch, UUC Members



12.16.12 "Lessons from the Kwanza Candles" The Rev. Julianne Lepp (adapted from Gail Forsyth-Vail)

12.9.12 "Intensity: Say Yes!" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

11.18.12 "The Protest Singer Pete Seeger" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

11.11.12 "Starting With I" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

11.4.12 "This I Believe" with Ellen and Ele Higley, Alex Smith, and Amanda Lonsdorf

10.21.12 "Nothing Ordinary" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

10.14.12 "The Stories of Our Lives" The Rev. Julianne Lepp

10.7.12 "Roughneck Grace" Michael Perry, Author and UUC Friend

9.23.12 “At-one-ment” The Rev. Julianne Lepp

9.16.12 “Universalism:  Love that Never Gives Up The Rev. Julianne Lepp

9.9.12 Laurie Bieze presentation of stained glass window.

8.26.12 “Immigration and Justice” The Rev. Julianne Lepp

8.19.12 “The Unitarian Universalist Sources in Our Lives” Jacob Gruetzman, Rhea Bynum-Lichty

8.12.12 “Unitarian and Universalist Churches Across the Street and Around the Corner” Tim Hirsch

5.27.12 “Lessons From War and Peace” Memorial Day Service  The Rev. Julianne Lepp

5.13.12 "Poets, Prophets, and Politicians" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

5.6.12 "Ah Sweet Mystery of Life" The Rev. Virginia Wolf, UUC Minister Ermeritus

4.22.12 "Sufi Mysticism: Seeking Unity" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

4.15.12 "The Wisdom Way of Knowing" Rick Magyar, UUC Member

4.8.12 "Where Is The Miracle?" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

3.11.12 "Losing My (Traditional) Religion" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

3.4.12 " Was Darwin a UU?" Wil Taylor, UUC Member

2.26.12 "One Square Inch of Silence”  The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

2.12.12 "Deep Life" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

2.5.12 “A Little Bit Married:  An Engaged Reflection on Heterosexism, Relationships, and Enduring Love” Dr. David Jones, UUC Member

1.29.12 "Economics as if People Mattered" Ken Adler, UUC Member

1.22.12 "Radical Jesus" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

1.15.12 "Unitarian Universalism's Prophetic Voice" The Rev. Kali Hayslett

1.8.12 "Second Sunday Sermon Series: A Dream Too Wild-Emerson Meditations for Every Day of the Year."

"This Is Our Home" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister


12.11.11 "Finding the Space In Between" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

12.04.11 "I Say Yes To Life" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

11.20.11 "What Would John Lennon Do?" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

11.13.11 "Not all Who Wander are Lost" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

11.6.11 "This I Believe" with UUC Members:Jack Schoen,Jan Carroll,Sarah Ramlow

10.23.11 "Start Where You Are" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

10.16.11 "Ralph Waldo Emerson: HItch Your Wagon to a Star" Tim Hirsch, UUC Member

10.9.11 2nd Sunday Sermon Series on "A Dream Too Wild" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

10.2.11 "John Coltarne and the Truly Religious Life" James Galasinski, presenter. Guest saxaphonist: Ryan Meisel

9.25.11A Song and Story for Open Hearts” Dr. Debra Barker, Professor of English and Director of American Indian Studies program at UW-Eau Claire

9.18.11 "Forgiveness" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

8.21.11 Introduction "Personal Reflection" by Heather Pickerign. "How Can Science Fiction Save Us?" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

8.14.11"Desert Fathers and Mothers" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

5.29.11 "A Time To Remember: Memorial Day Service" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

5.22.11 "The Meaning of a Religious Home" Guest Minister: The Rev. Scott Gerard Prinster

5.15.11 "Let It Be" The Rev. Virginia Wolf, Minister Emeritus

5.8.11 "Changing the World" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

5.1.11 "The Role of Progressive Spiritual Voices in Wisconsin's Legislative Debates" Satcy Harbaugh, ALCU of WI

4.17.11 "10 Commandments for Social Action" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

4.10.11 “Earth Day Observations from the Church Everlasting of Woods and Waters” Duke Welter, UUC Member

4.3.11 "Humanist Camelot in Western Wisconsin" Dramatic production by playwright Victor Urbanowicz

3.13.11 "Creating A Community of Moral Discourse" Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

3.06.11 "The Feminization of Power" Sarah Harder, UUC Member

2.20.11 "How It Feels to Be Free" UWEC Black Student Alliance "Tone Poem"

2.13.11 "Nurturing the Dream: Lifespan Ministry as Beloved Community" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

2.6.11 "Love is the Spirit of This Church and Service Its Law" Juanita Peck, UUC Member

1.30.11 "Virtues" Ken Adler, UUC Member

1.23.11 "In Every Clod A Mansion" Guest Minister: Rev. Laurie Bushbaum

1.16.11 "Ritual as a Path to Mindfulness" Dr. Helaine Minkus

1.9.11 " What Saves Us?" The Rev. Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister


11.21.10 "This I Believe"Tom Kieffer, Laura Jensen-Smith

11.14.10 "Repairing the World, Repairing the Soul" Rev. Julianne Lepp

11.07.10 ORDINATION: READINGS - "If I Were Asked" written and read by the Rev. Victoria Safford. "A Prayer for Any Who Minister" written by the Rev. Gordon McKeeman read by the Rev. Bob Libbey. SERMON: "Singing, Singing For Out Lives" the Rev. Marti Keller

11.07.10 "Words to Live By" Network of Unitarian Universalist Students at UWEC

10.24.2010 "Islam - The Untold Story" Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

10.17.10 "The Ojibwe Hymns of Frederic Baraga" Dr. Larry Martin, past Director of American Indian Studies program at UWEC

(Flute Solo from 10.17.10 Service)

10.10.10 "Living Under the Prophetic Imperative" Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

10.03.10 "Poetry and Belief, Can One Exist Without the Other?" Dr. Max Garland, UWEC English Dept.

9.26.10 "Empathy and Evolution: Foundations of Unitarian Universalism" - Tim Hirsch, UUC Member

9.19.10 Celebrating Our Sources of Wisdom - Judiasm: “Sound the Shofar!  A Call To Right Relationship” Julianne Lepp, Lifespan Minister

5.30.10 "Building From Our Foundations" Topic: Memorial Day, Unitarian Universalism; Ministerial Candidate Julianne Lepp

5.23.10 "Diving Deep" Topic: LIfespan Ministry; Ministerial Candidate Julianne Lepp

5.16.10 "Edvard Grieg" the Rev. Wendy Jerome

5.9.10 "It Has to Have Joy in It" the Rev. Wendy Jerome

5.2.10 “Exposing a Journey of Faith” Laurel Kieffer

4.25.10 “Intellectual Integrity: the Life of Joseph Priestley” the Rev. Scott Gerard Prinster

4.18.10 "For Earth Day, the Story of a Wilderness Hero" The Rev. Wendy Jerome

4.11.10 "Jane Addams: Being a Neighbor" The Rev. Wendy Jerome

3.21.2010 "Justice Sunday: Advancing Economic Justice”   The Rev. Wendy Jerome

3.14.210 "Fundamental Change: From True Believer to Fuddled Agnostic" Michael Perry

3.7.10 "Jesus is My Hero" Rick Magyar

2.7.10 "Jacob the Liar" Rev Wendy Jerome

1.31.10 "The Industrial Revolution in Human Relationships" Ken Adler

1.24.10 "The Politics of Denial" Rev. Wendy Jerome

1.17.10 Quakers: Sandra and Mark Helpsmeet, Guest Speakers

1.10.10 "Ways of Looking at God" Rev. Wendy Jerome

1.3.10 “Beyond Baptism” Joe Ramlow, UUC Member


12.13.09  "The Shy People are Coming"  Rev. Wendy Jerome

12.6.09 "The Importance of Ritual" Helaine Minkus, Guest Speaker

11.22.09 "Beyond Categorical Thinking"  Rev. Keith Kron, Guest Minister

11.15.09 "This I Believe" Heather Pickerign, UUC Member

11.8.09 "Keeping a Chorus in Your Head" Rev. Wendy Jerome

11.1.09 "What is the light within?"  Wilma Clark, UUC Member

10.18.09 "How Sure Can You Be:Safe Theology in a Changing World"  Rev. Wendy Jerome

10.11.09 "Independent-Thinking Widow" Rev. Wendy Jerome 

10.4.09 "Six Sources" UUC Members

9.27.09  "Freedom of Speech" Tim Shiell, Guest Speaker

9.20.09 "Martin Buber: Jewish Philosopher" Rev. Wendy Jerome

9.13.09 "Gathering of the Waters" Rev. Wendy Jerome

6.7.09 "Blessing of the Hands" Rev. Wendy Jerome

5.31.09 "Remembering Our Mentors" Rev. Wendy Jerome

5.24.09 "Memorial Day Service" Rev. Scott Prinster, Guest Minister

5.17.09 Calvin Eland, UUC Member

5.10.09 "Love that Transform the Lover" Rev. Wendy Jerome

5.3.09 "This I Do" Cheryl Thiede, UUC Member

5.3.09 "This I Do" Martha Munger, UUC Member

5.3.09 "This I Do" Greg Maurer, UUC Member

4.26.09 "The Welcoming Table" Rev. Wendy Jerome

4.19.09 "Earth Day Imagining Changes" Rev. Wendy Jerome

3.29.09 "Celebrating a Brighter Future: Human Rights at 60" Rev. Wendy Jerome

3.22.09 "Spiritual Pilgrimage" Ruthie Rosauer, UUC Member

1.18.09 "The Species Who can Will Themselves to Change" Rev. Wendy Jerome

1.11.09 "Prayer" Rev. Wendy Jerome