All of us, regardless of age, should never stop learning. We are constantly searching for a deeper and clearer understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live- and the significant role religion and faith play in that process.

We welcome you to the Lifespan Religious Education Program of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation. In our approach to religious education, we strive to provide a program rich in opportunities for our children, youth, and adults to grow spiritually in a caring and loving environment. We value diversity and inclusiveness, believing that there are many spiritual paths, not just one.

In our children and youth programs we affirm the uniqueness of each child in his or her spiritual development. As the parent(s), you are the primary providers of your child's religious education. It is in the context of the family that the largest part of their spiritual growth takes place. We encourage you to be open in talking with your child about religious issues and to model for them the values that you consider important.


The goals of religious education are to:
+ Create a sense of belonging to a religious tradition with a long history
+ Nurture spirituality through an appreciation of searching and seeking with an openness to other religious traditions
+ Learn how to lead an ethical life grounded in the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism

For children, the focus is on initiating and encouraging their development as Unitarian Universalists. Working together, the RE Committee, the Minister, and the RE Coordinator develop an overall plan to provide programs to foster these goals.

Classes begin September and run through May.

On Sundays that multigenerational services are offered, the children are encouraged to participate in the entire service and classes are not held. The success of our Sunday program depends on cooperation between children, parents and teachers. We encourage you to:

+Bring your child regularly and on time to help us foster a strong sense of community
+Introduce yourself to your child's teachers, stay informed and pass along information about your child
+Volunteer to help in your child's class with special events and projects
+Attend Multigenerational Services and church social events
+Consider joining one of the teaching teams or the RE Committee