What brought you to the UU Congregation?

Whatever your reasons for coming to UUC we would like to help you connect with the activity that will help you make UUC your home.  If you need help finding your place here, contact Office Manager Kris Simpson to help match you with your interests (715-834-0690)

You do not have to be a member to join an activity group.

Socialization / Connection?

Spiritual Growth and/or Intellectual Stimulation?

 Support During a Difficult Time?

 Teach Values to Your Children?

  • Register your children for RE classes
  • Talk to the Minister about a Dedication Ceremony
  • Participate in a Sunday service
  • Connect with other parents with similar values
  • Participate in activities listed here WITH your children

Make a Difference in the World?


Another Reason?  Here are Additional Ways To Get Involved!

Dinners for 8

“Dinners for 8” is a popular social opportunity to get to know other members of the congregation better.  You can sign up as an individual or with one or two other people. 
The deadline for signing up is October 1.

Participants are assigned to different small groups of people to have dinner with one time in each of three seasons - fall, winter and spring.  The people in each group select the specific date for the dinner.  If something comes up and you are unable to attend your dinner, there is a substitute list from which to fill your slot.   

Participants attend two dinners as a guest and one dinner as a host.  Each person prepares some part of the meal.  The host organizes the meal.  If you sign up as a single person, you will be matched with a second person to share the host duties one time (for example, one person will make the phone calls and provide the house and the other will make the main dish).  If you sign up as two people, you and your partner will be assigned to dinner groups together (the other 6 people will change) and you will host one time.  If you sign up as a group of three, you will be assigned to dinner groups together and the dinners you attend will be groups of 9, rather than 8.           

The size of your dinner table should not be a deterrent to participating. There are many creative ways for 8 or 9 people to enjoy food and conversation together.  If you are concerned about the size of your house, contact the coordinator and she will work something out. 
To sign up submit your name (and up to 2 partners), whether you wish to be placed on the regular schedule or the substitute list, your email address, your postal address and your phone number. Also, please let the coordinator know if you are a vegetarian.

Dinners for 8 is a favorite activity for many people. I hope you will try it this year!  Contact:  Emily Moore; emoore114@yahoo.com


Many other opportunities come up throughout the year.  Look in the newsletter, Sunday bulletins and weekly “UU Connections” email that is sent to all members who ask for it.